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What is privacy about? Who has really nothing to hide?

Why read the Bible.


Content Protection and what's wrong with it.
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obstructive EU politicians
bent bananas
What about controlling costs?
more on Europe
continuing Euro problems

ID card campaign:
Jerry Fishenden with thoughts on ID card schemes
The Economist looks at some RFID card implementations

David Mery at on his arrest on the tube.
And this by Rob McGibbon
And Chatham High Street

For info on my chosen operating systems (Linux and OpenBSD) and here is someone else commenting at length on Microsoft. And another one.
MS legal news
an opinion on vista
IE recommendation
Taiwan decides to escape the Microsoft monopoly
a view on MS Vista

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What's going on with the US government ?
secret laws and more at
Khaled al-Masri kidnapped
the injustice line
The aims of Bush ?
security observations with diebold voting equipment
suppression of details about electronic voting
P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act game
enemy combatant?
Diebold voting software is changeable
more about enemy combatants
shooting cases skewed
constitutional interpretation
The Nation: The Madness of 'King' George
story of dishonest police
What has Congress done lately?
US kidnap policy - Harpers
US kidnap policy - Times
US police attitudes and another story
US as a banana republic
destroyed records
David Michael Green on Politics
The Bush Legacy
more on voting machine insecurity (multi-vendor)
voting machine error
Why the police are like that.
Terrorism Poster
Police Awards
voting machines examined
You meet such nice people in court and follow up (both NY Times)
Clinton threat
police shooting story
lacking due process

And the UK government ?
Arbitrary emergency powers look like the end of rule of law.
The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill looks like the end of Parliament
But this Times article says that it is being improved to some extent.
Save Parliament
Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006
Recording the movement of a whole population is a poor way to deal with a small number of criminals. In this newsweek article Bruce Schneier describes the features of worthwhile security measures.
data mining vs. terrorism at the Cato Institute
tax fraud story
And here is a news story showing what can be the result of surveillance even of criminals. I don't want the police being an extension of a credit reference agency.
And as you can read about the Shirley McKie fingerprint case you have little enough chance of dodging a false accusation even if you are the police once they have it in their heads that someone's biometric looks like yours.
Article by the Independent, on police state (lite).
Guardian article on id cards by Henry Porter
Now here's a funny story. Instead of criminal prosecution for buying child pr0n it is intended to cancel the bank cards used. What's the point? I expect it will be done without needing a conviction - i.e. punishment by rumour of the victims of card fraud. In that connection read the story of Simon Bunce.
Schneier writes about terror and how to respond to it
lying about Iraq
police state roundup
consideration of risk in the NHS IT project
good advice from The Times
more intrusive data collection
pilot case illustrates imprisonment without evidence
ID card stories in The Times and The Register.
EU - no referendum
RIPA creep
more spying
even more spying
MP expenses ... this turned out to be one of a series of revelations involving second homes and Gordon Brown
It seems to me that politicians will do practically anything to make themselves look important. And when it's not wars it's ill-advised work on climate change.
more state snooping - how RIPA is used in practice.
review of Tony Blair
more craziness
This news story says government data is improperly accessed ...

civil servants were found to have made unauthorised disclosures of official, sensitive, private and/or personal information.

bonkers "terror" law and more comment
council spying using RIPA
Will the Information Commissioner allow ISPs to snoop on customers to target adverts ?
what your council tax goes on
The Home Affairs Select Committee has called for limits on the data collected and linked to the ID cards' National ID Database, to reduce "function creep".
Charles Clarke on the RIP bill - at cryptome.
council spying in the Daily Telegraph
council spying at the BBC
DNA misused for identification
blank passports stolen This will be a fraud risk - and shows another way that ID cards will fail.
passport chips can be cloned
government data security - but they want to collect more on you
police behaviour and more police behaviour
And another government data loss
torture inquiry
The BBC on nothing to hide and Computer Weekly
Government communications snooping
And Brussels and the Future Group
A development on the EU arrest warrant
more government interference
Home Office attitude
The Times reports Police and hacking home computers
The Telegraph asks Why is Labour so keen to imprison us?
the Telegraph on sensitive data and law
The Guardian on concealing torture and the court case on concealing torture
The Guardian on criminalising legitimate dissent under the guise of fighting 'extremism'
The Telegraph on police force not brute force and why it's important to be able to photograph and video events such as the 2009 G20 protest.
and more on that
Home Office said to be colluding with BT over Phorm
hospital care reporting
More on government communication snooping
The Australian on thought police
In connection with the Home Secretary's plans for intercepting email there is the CC Jacqui Smith all your email campaign
In any case it's impossible to achieve properly.
privacy principle
more interference with photography
EU oppositon to democracy
democratic deficit
Euro Coup
2012 and UK government aims for more Internet snooping
data-gathering: what are the benefits?
SfS 2012 - Ross Anderson
Bruce Schneier is on top form with this article on airport profiling.
Some Euro thoughts
misuse of state spying powers
Binney quote
Explanation of UK state spying on citizens: 1 2 3
hurried data retention law agreed before being published
FBI continue to protest about encryption
Police accidentally reveal abuse of RIPA
How crazy is Cameron?
Cameron maybe crazier than we thought - how many small-c conservatives will refrain from voting Conservative while he's party leader?

An account of my holiday in 1999.

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