Guitar of Elvis Notargiacomo

or how to stop getting ripped off for music and start making your own


Walk Don't Run recorded 2004-03-28 wav (7Mb) ogg (1.6Mb) ogg (1.6Mb)(added reverb)
mp3 (0.7Mb)

Expect additions from time to time but as Mr Notargiacomo has started lessons there's going to be more scales etc and less interesting stuff in the short term. But (we hope) more and better stuff in the long term. I haven't booked the Royal Albert Hall yet.

Laughing Polka mp3 677Kb ogg 1.7MbKb

Aura Lee (Zoom 606 effects set on A1) mp3 406Kb ogg 988Kb

The Star-Spangled Plughole ! (Zoom 606 effects set on F2)
With this strange setting of the effects pedal your intrepid reporter tries to discover what it sounds like when a great nation goes down the plughole. The sound of the 21st Century. mp3 661Kb ogg 1.6Mb

I think I'm slowly getting better so as I record new things some of the older ones may disappear.

Aura Lee 0.3 Mb, c6 effects setting.
Hava Nagila 1.1 Mb, g2 effects setting
Laughing Polka (again) 0.6 Mb b5 effects setting - where b5 is the acoustic sound

my medley of classics, MP3, 1 minute

I entered this cover of Johnny B Goode (MP3, 1Mb) in the amateur category at and came 2nd out of 2 (Jan 2005).

Bach Toccata with reverb.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Alien Lander - a short piece by me.

Christmas music has its own directory.

double yellow line - a short piece by me where I didn't really manage to make the transition from a series of riffs to a tune. This was posted against the player called "Artistic Virtuoso" but he got banned before posting his response.

Here I play part of Washington Post by Sousa using the Zoom 606 and the A6 setting. (wikipedia)
and the Liberty Bell with Zoom 606 and the C6 setting (with a chorus effect added by Audacity).


Who is Elvis Notargiacomo ?
Our research has failed to produce a definite sighting in the electoral roll.

Is the artist's photo on the site ?
No, but on most days one of the popular papers has a photo of Mr Notargiacomo in one of his many disguises.

Any other music sites you can recommend ?
There are many short samples at Radio Fivetrees.
You should be able to find something you like here at the 365 days project where much of it is chosen for comedy or unusual sound.

You can get loads of good music for personal use (vote on what you like, and enter your own playing for the assessment of others) at or - which charge a small monthly fee for membership.

I have to say the quality of much of this music is truly staggering and a credit to the many dedicated contributors to the site. [ Guitar War ]

People have put their guitar recordings (many styles) at

Take a look at the Creative Commons site.
Read about copyright and the problems for ordinary non-cheating people. And see this extreme news item about banning tab sites.

Ross Anderson's music page has a collection of recordings out of copyright (old recordings of bagpipes).

The GHRC (guitarist home recording collective) really seems to be happening at

Inyo used to have a nice collection of acoustic recordings but it sometimes exceeded his bandwidth quota and now seems to be gone. I like the way he hits so many notes and assume this is some sort of fingerpicking. A web search in Jan 2005 finds him again here, but appears less complete than the old one.
Now all we need to do is find him a permanent website and train him to do less Beatles :) .